Journey Into LTC

Paint an amazingly accurate picture of your client’s financial future

We all know having a long-term care discussion is important. It’s why we just released our 20-page conversation guide, and will evangelize on the need until we’re blue in the face. But, showing clients is even better.

JourneyGuide™, a patent-pending retirement planning software, lets clients visualize exactly what their retirement will look like. But without long-term care protection, the picture isn’t pretty.

Watch Chad Eyrich and Tim Ash demonstrate how to use JourneyGuide for LTC planning. They’ll show you:

  • How JourneyGuide can illustrate the impact of long-term care – in mere seconds
  • Why long-term care protection is crucial to ensuring your clients won’t run out of money in retirement
  • How you can use JourneyGuide’s interactive planning system in your practice

If you’ve struggled to incorporate longevity planning in your practice, or you want to streamline your conversations, you don’t want to miss this.